Electrical Tests

Electrical testing of portable equipment will involve the following:

(a) Earth bond continuity tests

(Class 1 equipment only): Readings should show less than 0.1+R Ohms (where R is the resistance of the lead) Tested at a current of 1.5 times the rating of the fuse and no greater than 25A for a period of between 5 and 20 seconds or with a short-circuit test current within the range 20mA to 200mA.

(b) Insulation resistance testing

The applied test voltage should be approximately 500 Vdc Class 1 heating equipment < 3kW 0.3M Ohms Class 1 All other equipment 1M Ohms Class 2 Equipment 2M Ohms Class 3 Equipment 250k Ohms

(c) Functional checks

Optional Tests:

Flash Test: No flashover or breakdown shall occur

Operation/Load test: Compare reading with stated details on nameplate

Earth leakage test:

Class 1 Handheld Appliances 0.75mA

Other Class 1 Appliances 3.5mA

Class 2 Appliances 0.25mA

Electricity can kill! Each year about 1000 accidents at work involving electric shock or burns are reported to the Health and Safety Executive. About 15 of these are fatal. Make sure your appliances are safe! make sure they are TESTED!

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